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General Torino/Montego Section
Here you can find links to various types of Torino and Montego information from Clubs and registry information to 8-Track tapes and Starsky & Hutch.
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Determining a CJ from a SCJ

Reading Casting Numbers - Figure out what those funny numbers mean on your parts!

Birth of the 1970 Torino - Nice article written by the engineer that created the 1970 Torino.

VIN Decoding - Find out more about your car!

Tires - Get the basics on tires sizes and ratings.


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Torino/Montego Parts Page - Extensive list of suppliers for various new/used and hard-to-find parts.


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The Fairlane Club of America
340 Clicktown Rd.
Church Hill, TN 37642-6622

The Ranchero Enthusiasts Club
2223 Cody Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225


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Registry Information:

1968 to 1969 Fairlane and Torino Registry - Registry operated by Jonathan Huntley

1972 to 1979 Ford and Mercury Registry - For all Torino, Montego, Cougar, Elite and LTD II automobiles.

Torino-Montego-Cyclone Registry - Information regarding the registry database operated by Robert Day.

Car Condition - Some tips and guidelines on how to judge your car.


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Cars and Parts for Sale:

Classified Ads on the Torino Discussion Forum - There is a section here for Classifieds.

Hemming's Motor News - The classic auto sales magazine.

eBay - By far my favorite place to shop online.


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Strasky & Hutch - The ultimate site for S&H cars and fans.

8-Track Heaven - Webpage devoted to 8-Track information.

Fomoco Obsolete - Miscellaneous parts and support


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Other Torino / Montego Pages:

Torino Tales  - A great Torino Page with project car information and literature information.

Johnathan Huntley's 1968/1969 Fairlane/Torino Page - Excellent page covering 68/69 in extreme detail. This is the premier page for 68 and 69 concerns.

The Ford Torino Cobra Site - Ford Torino Info and Images. Great site, one of the older sites out there. Focus is mostly on older (68-71) Torinos. Excellent recource.

Torino Central - Info and links on the Ford Torino

1976 Limited Edition Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino
John and Penny Quirk's Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino, John's Photo Album of over 15 other S&H Torinos, S&H Torino Articles, and more!

Joe's 1968 - 1969 Cyclone / Fairlane 500 / Torino page
Site dedicated to the 1968 thru 1969 Mercury Cyclone, Ford Fairlane 500 fastback, Torino GT fastback, and Talladega.

Ford Torino (Denmark)
History, projects and problems, and how they are solved for a Danish 1973 Torino.

1970 Ranchero Squire Page - Great page loaded with information AND modifications that Walt has completed that may be of use to you!



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