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 Welcome to the Ford Torino Page! 

"Serving mid-size Ford and Mercury vehicles of the 60's and 70's"

NEWS: The REGISTRY pages are revised and work correctly now. After much work, the code has been transferred to proper ASP code. Please visit the REGISTRY and register your car with the CMT Registry if you haven't already!



The Ford Torino Page Mission:
This page is dedicated to providing information about service and support for the Ford Torino, Gran Torino, Ranchero and Elite and the Mercury Montego. Please explore this website thoroughly as you will find information pertaining to car statistics, finding parts and individuals to ask for assistance.


The most popular page, PARTS, will provide you with links and contact information for new, used and specialty part needs.

In the MODELS section, locate a model type and year you would like information or pictures on. Options, accessories, features and data plate information can be found here.

For questions or assistance about a particular model, go to the Discussion Forum section (via the navigation bar at the left). The interactive Discussion Forum for on-line tech help and discussion. Take part in this valuable resource!

The REGISTRY is still alive, so don't forget to register your Torino, Elite, Gran Torino, LTD II, Ranchero or Montego with the Cyclone-Montego-Torino Registry by Robert Day!

Find restoration, repair and racing information in the SERVICES page. If you can't find it anywhere else on The Ford Torino Page. take a look at the SERVICES page, it was probably stuck here by default.

Documents in the LIBRARY
Articles, original documents and maintenance documents can be found in the Library. There are several tech articles dedicated to answering common question and general repair/restoration.

Starsky and Hutch: Coming soon! The infamous 1976 Ford Gran Torino.


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