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Reading Casting Numbers

Casting numbers tell when a part was ORIGINALLY designed and what car it was ORIGINALLY designed for. This does not mean that the part was not used on other cars. For example, casting number C8OE-9430-D is an exhaust manifold for a 428 CJ Fairlane; however, it was also used on 428 CJ Mustangs.


The breakdown of casting number C8OE-9430-D is easy using the charts below:

C = Decade of 1960
8 = Year of the decade (8th year of 1960), 1968
O = Fairlane Car line / Manufacture code
E = Engine engineering department
9430 = Basic number for an exhaust manifold
N = Design change

Casting Number Breakdown Charts

Decade of Manufacture:
A = 1940
B = 1950
C = 1960
D = 1970
E = 1980

Year of Decade
The year of the decade is determined by adding a number (0-9) to the letter of the decade. Example: C6 would be 1966, D0 would be 1970, D1 would be 1971.

Car Line/ Manufacture Codes
A = Galaxie
D = Falcon (60-69)
F = Outside USA, Trans Am racing
G = Comet / Montego
J = Industrial
M = Mercury
O = Fairlane / Torino
P = Autolite / Motorcraft
R = Rotunda
S = Thunderbird
T = Truck
V = Lincoln (61 - current)
Z = Mustang

Engineering Departments
A = Chassis
B = Body
E = Engine
F = Engine accessories
J = Autolite (67-72)
P = Automatic transmission
R = Manual transmission
W = Axle
X = Muscle parts program
Y = Lincoln / Mercury service parts
Z = Ford service parts

Basic Number
These identify the part, such as 6090 being a cylinder head or 9430 being an exhaust manifold.

Design Change
A Basic part is made to fit many applications. Example:
DOZZ-7528-C is a clutch bar for a 390/428
DOZZ-7528-D is a clutch bar for a 351 W
DOZZ-7529-E is a clutch bar for a 302 Boss

Reading Casting Dates

Casting dates:
Casting dates show the exact day, month and year a certain part was made or cast. The typical casting date looks like "6M08".

Breaking down a casting date:
6 = The year of the decade. "6" for 1976.
M = The letter of the month. (December)
08 = The day of the month. (8th)

First year month codes:


Second year month codes:


How do casting numbers appear?
Most casting numbers are stamped into the part itself, other have the number molded on the part. Some casting numbers can be ink stamped while others are printed on paper, which is then wrapped around the part.


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