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1964-1979 Cyclone Montego Registry

Please fill out this Questionnaire as completely as possible, this will give us a good idea as to how many of these cars are still around.
This registry is operated by Robert Day and is intended to keep track of all mid-size Ford's and Mercury's. All information is kept in strict confidentiality (especially since I hate advertising and the selling of mail lists for the purpose of directed advertising) and the only people that have access to the full detail of information submitted here is Robert Day and myself.  Robert Day publishes a quarterly newsletter in which results (type, serial number and option information) are given. After submitting a registry you will be taken to a page in which you will be able to contact him to get on the mailing list, or you can click here. The newsletter, which includes several articles of interest and is recommended reading, is $6 per year (to cover the cost of printing and postage - it is a non-profit project). This is currently the only known registry that tracks Torinos and Montegos from 1972 on up, and has been advertised in magazines such as Super Ford and others. Please remember that it is perfectly acceptable to submit "dead" cars or cars that are not your own, just as long as the VIN number and other necessary information is provided. "Dead" cars are welcomed to simply put them on a list for 'total' trackability of the car lines (i.e. if you are at a wrecking yard and see a Torino, jot down the VIN and warranty plate info and submit it here). Robert Day really does track all of it!


Address (Line 2)
State / Province
ZIP / Postal Code
Body Type
Original Engine?
Axle Type
Axle Ratio
Exterior Color
Original Color?
Interior Color
Check the FACTORY INSTALLED options that your car has:
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Air Conditioning
140 or 160 MPH Speedometer

Magnum 500 Wheels
Power Seat
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
Body Condition
Interior Condition
Drivetrain Condition
Serial number (VIN)
IMPORTANT!!! Cars are entered into the Registry by serial number, this way we do not count the same car twice.
Warranty Plate Information:
Body Color Trim Date

DSO Axle Trans

NOTE: The Warranty Plate is located on the driver side door or door post.



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