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1979 LTD II


Not enough buyers had found LTD II appealing, so this would be its third and final season. Not much was new this year, except for a redesigned front bumper spoiler; corrosion-resistant plastic battery tray and electronic voltage regulator. Seven body colors-were new, as were front and full vinyl roofs. Broughams had new interior fabric selections. All models had standard flight bench seating with fold-down center armrest. The 400 cu. in. V-8 option was abandoned. Base engine remained the 302 cu. in. (5.0-liter) V-8, with 351 V-8 optional. Automatic transmission was standard. A newly optional 27.5 gallon gas tank suggested that LTD II's economy problems hadn't quite been corrected by the use of a lighter weight front bumper this year, or by carburetor refinements. Rear bumper guards became standard, and the ignition lock was modified. The Sports Touring Package included two-tone paint with tape breaks on the bodyside/hood/lower back panel, as well as a grille badge and Magnum 500 wheels with HR78 x 14 RWL tires. A Sports Appearance Group for two-doors had bold tri-color tape stripes. As before, two-door hardtop and four-door pillared hardtop bodies were offered, in base, Brougham or 'S' trim. The low-cost 'S' model had an upgraded bench seat and woodtone instrument panel appliqué this year.

Production Information 
Model                                                                             Factory             Shipping            Production
                                                                                       Price                 Weight              Total
LTD II (V-8)
30    65D      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               5445        3797        18,300
31    53D      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             5569        3860        19,781

LTD II 'S' (V-8)
25    65B      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               5198        3781        834
27    53B      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             5298        3844        9,649

30    65K      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               5780        3815        Note
31    53K      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             5905        3889        Note

Note: Brougham production is included in LTD II totals above.


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