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1978 LTD II


Station wagons left the LTD II lineup this year, since the new Fairmont line included a wagon. Otherwise, models continued as before in 'S', base and Brougham series. Broughams had a full-length bodyside trim strip. Standard engine was again the 302 cu. in. (5.0-liter) V-8 with Cruise-0-Matic transmission, power front disc brakes, and power steering. Options included the 351 and 400 cu. in. V-8 engines, a heavy-duty trailer towing package (for the 400 V-8), and a Sports Appearance package. Two-doors could either have a solid panel at the rear, or the extra (higher) far rear coach-style window. A new bumper front spoiler, hood-to-grille opening panel seal, revised decklid surface, and new fuel tank air deflector were supposed to cut aerodynamic drag and boost economy. Bumper-to-fender shields were new, too. A revised low-restriction fresh-air intake went on V-8 engines. A new mechanical spark control system was limited to the 351M and 400 cu. in. V-8s. Newly optional this year: a 40-channel CB radio. Mercury Cougar was the corporate twin to the LTD II.

Production Information 
Model                                                                             Factory             Shipping            Production
                                                                                       Price                 Weight              Total
LTD II (V-8)
30    65D      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               5069        3773        76,285
31    53D      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             5169        3872        64,133

LTD II 'S' (V-8)
25    65B      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               4814        3746        9,004
27    53B      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             4889        3836        21,122

30    65K      2-dr. HT Cpe-6P               5405        3791        Note
31    53K      4-dr. Pill. HT-6P             5505        3901        Note

Note: Brougham production is included in LTD II totals above.


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