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1977 LTD II


LTD II- V-8 -- Serving as a replacement for the abandoned Torino, the new A-bodied LTD II had similar dimensions, and long-hood styling that wasn't radically different. Wheelbase was 114 inches for the two-door, and 118 inches for four-door models. Overall length ranged from 215.5. to 223.1 inches. The goal, according to Ford, was to combine "LTD's traditional high level of workmanship with Mustang's sporty spirit." A wide choice of models was offered: 'S', base and Brougham in two- door hardtop, four-door pillared hardtop or four-door wagon body styles (same selection as Torino). Wagons were offered only this year, and LTD II would last only into the 1979 model year. Among the more noticeable styling features were vertically-stacked quad rectangular headlamps, and doors with a straight beltline. Sharply-tapered opera windows on wide roof pillars stood to the rear of (and higher than) the regular quarter windows of two-doors (except for the 'S' model). Four-doors were also a six-window design. Wraparound parking/signal lamps were fendertip-mounted, and the hood ornament was new. The chrome-plated grille had a crosshatch pattern similar to the full-size LTD, but with a sharper peak. Angled, sharp-edged wraparound vertical taillamps stood at the rear quarter panel tips. Inside, LTD II had new seat trim and sew styles, plus new-look door trim and instrument cluster. Standard engine dropped from the 351 of the last Torino to a 302 V-8, now with Dura-Spark ignition and a lower axle ratio. Standard equipment on the budget-priced 'S' included SelectShift automatic transmission; power steering and brakes; coolant recovery system; and Kirsten cloth/vinyl bench seat. The basic LTD II had Ardmore cloth/vinyl flight bench seat, deluxe door trim, rear panel appliqué, hood ornament, and rocker panel and wheel lip moldings. The top-line Brougham added Doral cloth/vinyl split bench seats, dual horns, electric clock, dual accent paint stripes, and wide color- keyed vinyl-insert bodyside moldings. Standard engine was the 302 cu. in. V-8 with two-barrel carb (351 in California) hooked to SelectShift Cruise-0- Matic. Important new options included the opera windows, illuminated entry, day/date quartz clock, sports steering wheel, cornering lamps, monaural AM/FM radio, stereo radio with quadrasonic tape player, wide whitewall radials, wire wheel covers, and (for two-doors) a half-vinyl roof. Announced for mid-year introduction was a Brougham Crème/Blue package, offered in Crème or dark blue metallic body color with crème or blue vinyl roof. Crème vinyl split-bench seats had blue accent straps and welts.


Production Information 

Model                                                                          Factory             Shipping        Production
                                                                                    Price                 Weight              Total
LTD II (V-8)
30         65D            2-dr. HT Coupe-6P                             4785                 3789                 57,449
31         53D            4-dr. Pillared HT-6P                           4870                 3904                 56,704
42         71D            4-dr. Sta Wag-6P                              5064                 4404                 23,237
43         71K            4-dr. Squire Wag-6P                          5335                 4430                 17,162

LTD II 'S' (V-8)
25         65B            2-dr. HT Coupe-6P                             4528                 3789                 9,531
27         53B            4-dr. Pillared HT-6P                           4579                 3894                 18,775
40         71B            4-dr. Sta Wag-6P                              4806                 4393                 9,636

32         65K            2-dr. HT Coupe-6P                             5121                 3898                 20,979
33         53K            4-dr. Pillared HT-6P                           5206                 3930                 18,851


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