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1976 Montego


1976 became the last model run for the Montego.  The Montego began in 1968

as an upgrade trim option based on the Mercury Comet.  In 1972, the Comet

became it's own car again, and there were various models of Montego until

its demise in 1976.  In 1977, the Mercury Cougar, traditionally a 2 door

car, was now offered in 4 door versions.  This vehicle replaced the Montego

as did the LTD II replace the Torino, in which 1976 was also its last year.

In its final year, the 351 V8 with an automatic transmission was standard on

all Montegos.  The grille changed slightly, but not enough to really sit up

and take notice. 

BASE MONTEGO:                   Price           Production

65B--2 door HT, 6P              $4299           2287

53B--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4343           3403


65D--2 door HT, 6P              $4465           12367

53D--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4498           12666

71D--4 door Station Wagon, 6P   $4778           5012


65K--2 door HT, 6P              $4621           3905

53K--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4670           5043

71K--4 door Station Wagon, 6P   $5065           6412


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