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1975 Montego


There were very few differences that separate the 1975 Montego from the

1974.  The only styling difference was the addition of two slots in the

center of the front bumper.  At this point, the Montego was beginning to

look like the Cougar. The list of standard features increased with power

steering, power brakes, cut pile carpeting and front bumper guards.  The

biggest difference was the 351 V8 replaced the 302 as the standard engine.

Here are the models available in 1975:

BASE MONTEGO:                   PRICE           PRODUCTION

65B--2 door HT, 6P              $4092           4051

53B--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4128           4142

MONTEGO MX:  The MX had upper body pinstripes and rocker panel moldings.

Besides a slightly fancier interior, these are the only major differences

between the MX and the base model.

65D--2 door HT, 6P              $4304           13666

53D--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4328           16033

71D--4 door Station Wagon, 6P   $4674           4508

MONTEGO MX BROUGHAM:  The Brougham had a fancier interior including pull

straps on the doors, super sound insulation package, upper body moldings,

vinyl top, and wood grain appliqué on the steering wheel.

65K--2 door HT, 6P              $4453           8791

53K--4 door HT Sedan, 6P        $4498           8235

71K--4 door Station Wagon, 6P   $4909           5754


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