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1974 Montego


The 1974 Montego changed a little in the front end.  The grille was smaller

and the headlights were in chrome bezels, unlike the 72-73 Montegos, where

the grille extended into the headlights.  The back end of the car was quite

different with a new rear bumper that met the Federal Government's 5 MPH

crash tests.  The taillights were now mounted above the bumper, with a panel

in between that included the L-M crest.  They list of standard features

increased a little with power brakes, inside hood release, and loop pile



Model                           Price           Production

65B--2 Door HT, 6P              $3327           7645

53B--4 Door HT, 6P              $3360           5674

MONTEGO MX:  Rocker panel moldings and "MX" scripts on the front fenders, a

nicer interior and higher level sound insulation were the big differences

between the base model and the MX.

65D--2 Door HT, 6P              $3443           20957

53D--4 Door HT Sedan, 6P        $3478           19446

71D--4 Door SW, 6P              $4083           4085

MONTEGO MX BROUGHAM:  The exterior differences were upper and lower panel

moldings and a red reflector between the taillights.  The interior

differences were just a plushier interior.

65K--2 Door HT, 6P              $3646           20511

53K--4 Door HT Sedan, 6P        $3680           13467

71K--4 Door SW, 6P              $4307           6234


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