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Here are some 1973 coupes (formal roof):

Here is an interesting 1973 Starsky and Hutch replica Torino. The original Starsky and Hutch Torino was a 74-76 body style, but I think the paint scheme also looks pleasing on a 73 coupe.

Here is a very nice SportsRoof owned by Brian Garkie, who used to have a nice 1973 Torino web page. Brian, where did your web page go??

Here are some selected SportsRoof cars (fastbacks):

Here is a very nice 1973 Torino (not Gran Torino) owned by Larry Penoza of Bellevue, WA. Larry purchased this Torino with low miles and in excellent condition (original belts and hoses were still on this sleeping beauty!) When purchased, this car rated about a "2" for car rating criteria (it was immaculate). It still is just as nice, but Larry has since added some much-needed upgrades such as nice dual exhaust, rear sway bar, etc. Larry - you should enter your car in the Mustang show this summer at Bellevue Community College in the Torino section!

Here is another photo spread of a Gran Torino Coupe with formal roof:


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