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Standard Equipment:  

MONTEGO MX--  all the stuff on the base model, plus Bright rocker panel

moldings, pinstripes, nylon loop carpet, wood grain instrument panel, better

sound insulation.

MONTEGO BROUGHAM:  Fender peak molding, trunk lock cover, Brougham script

on rear pillar, bright lower rear fender molding, front center armrest,

different interior door panels, Bright trim on pedals.

MONTEGO GT:  non-functional hood scoops, Dual racing mirrors, gauge package,

3 spoke rim blow steering wheel, 302 V8, 55 amp alt.


A=All   M=Montego       MX=Montego MX   MXB=Montego MX Brougham

MGT=Montego GT          MXW=Montego MX Wagon     MXWV= Montego MX Villager Wag

Y=Yes   N=No

ID CODE EQUIP                   COST          AVAILABILITY



        Higher axle ratio                 Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

        Traction Lock axle                Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

E8B     Heavy Duty Electrical             Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

B4B     Cross Country Suspnsn   $ 16.41   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

6       4 Speed Man Trans, Hurst Shifter     Y  Y        Y

5,8     Selectshift                       Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

CDB     Power Brakes            $ 68.14      Y  Y   Y    Y   S    S

AUB     Power Steering          $112.13   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BHB     Power Windows           $121.33   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BED     Power Rear Window       $ 34.08                      Y    Y

C9B     Power Door Locks (2door)$ 44.17   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

                         (4door)$ 66.89   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

AAB     AM Radio                $ 58.94   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

AAG     AM/FM Multiplex Stereo  $213.29   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

AEB     Dual Rear Speakers                Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

ARD     Manual Air Conditioning $397.91   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BDC     Electric Rear Window Def          Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BSB     Third Rear Facing Seat  $ 75.81                      Y    Y

BK2     Bucket Seats            $128.72      Y  Y        Y

BKE     6 Way Power Seat        $102.22   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

E5B     Appearance Protect Group*          Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

Wagons             $ 25.54         

             Others             $ 31.55

CMB     Carpeted Load Floor Mat $ 25.24                      Y    Y

FEB     Color keyed Carpet                   Y  S   S    S   S    S

CJC     Vinyl Roof              $ 97.18      Y  Y   Y    Y

CSB     Protect Body Side Molding             Y  Y   Y        Y    Y

CXB     Console                 $ 59.32      Y  Y        Y

AXC     Rim Blow Steering Wheel              Y  Y   Y        Y    Y

AXB     Leather Wrapped Wheel             Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

A2D     Performance Gauge Group $ 99.71      Y  Y   Y    S   Y    Y

CGB     Deluxe Wheel Covers     $ 25.24      Y  Y   S    S   Y    S

CGC     Luxury Wheel Covers     $ 17.64   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

CGK     Hub Caps W/ Trim Rings  $ 30.92   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

CEK     Styled Steel Wheels               Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

        Glamour Metallic Paint  $ 37.86   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

C6D     Ft Bump Protect Strips   $ 15.14   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

FGB     Concealed Windsheild Wiper            Y  S   S    S   S    S

CUC     Custom Trim Option (2 door only)            Y

BGB     Interval Wind Wipers    $ 25.24   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BFC     Tinted Glass            $ 41.66   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

A4B     Remote LH Outside Mirror$ 12.62   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

A3B     Visability Light Group  $ 25.24   Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

CYB     Electric Clock          $ 17.67   Y  Y  Y   Y    S   Y    Y

CKC     Lux Carrier w/ Air Deflector                         Y    Y 

A6C     Convienience Group                Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

                        (2 Door)$ 47.96

                        (4 Door)$ 25.24


APB     Heavy Duty Cooling                Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BXE     Police Package                       Y  Y

EMB     Trailer Towing Class II           Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

EMC     Trailer Towing Class III          Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

BFB     Tinted Glass (windshield Only)    Y  Y  Y   Y    Y   Y    Y

AWG     AT First Gear Lockout                Y  Y            Y

C6H     Delete Bumper Guard                                  Y    Y

BRB     Heavy Duty Rear Seat^                Y  Y

AKD     90 Amp. Alternator^                  Y  Y

^=Police Package Only



Appearance Protection Package:

  Floor Mats with Carpet Inserts

  Spare Tire Lock

  Door Edge Guards


Visability Light Group:

  Dual Beam Dome Light

  Under Hood Light

  Luggage Compartment Light

  Ashtray Light

  Under Instrument Panel Light

  Rear Door Jamb Switches

  Headlamp On Warning Buzzer

  Rear Compartment Light (SW)

  Parking Brak Warning Light

  Glove Box Light

  Illuminated Headlight Switch

Performance Instrumentation Group:


  Trip Odometer

  Fuel Gauge

  Temperature Gauge

  Oil Pressure Gauge


  Electric Clock

Convenience Group:

  Automatic Seat Back Release (2 Door)

  Color Keyed Seat Belts

  Remote LH Outside Mirror

Cross Country Suspension Package:

  Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

  Increased Front and Rear Spring Rates

  Ride Height Increased 1/2 Inch

Trailer Towing Package Class II:

  Special Wiring Harness

  Heavy Duty Radiator

  Cross Country Suspension Package

  Heavy Duty Frame

  Trailer Towing Window Decal

  3.25:1 Axle Ratio

Trailer Towing Package Class III:

  Special Wiring Harness

  Heavy Duty Radiator

  Coolant Recovery System

  Cross Country Suspension Package

  Heavy Duty Frame

  Heavy Duty Electrical System

  Trailer Towing Decals

  3.25:1 Axle Ratio

1973 1/2 Custom Trim Option  (Avail only on MX Brougham 2 Door Models)


  White Vinyl Roof (Choice of Embassy or Full)

  Brougham Plaque

  Color Keyed Wheel Covers


  Maize Gold Interior Color

  Flight Bench Seat with Pleated Cloth Inserts

  3 Spoke Sports Steering Wheel

  Passenger Side Vanity Mirror

  25 oz Pile Carpeting

  Unique Door Trim Panel with Pleated Cloth Inserts

  Door Pull Straps

  Super Sound Package


Option                          Price

Air Conditioning                $397.91

Front Bumper Guards             $ 15.14

Electric Clock                  $ 17.67

Console                         $ 59.32

Tinted Windows                  $ 41.66

Carpeted Load Floor Mat (SW)    $ 25.24

Dual Racing Mirrors             $ 12.62

LH Remote Mirror                $ 12.62

Glamour Paint                   $ 37.86

Power Front Disc Brakes         $ 68.14

Power Door Locks (2 Doors)      $ 44.17

                 (4 Doors)      $ 66.89

                 (SW)           $ 75.72

6 Way Power Bench Seat          $102.22

Power Steering                  $112.33

Power Windows                   $121.33

Power Tailgate Window (SW)      $ 34.08

AM Radio                        $ 58.94

AM FM Stereo                    $213.29

Vinyl Roof                      $ 97.18

High Back Bucket Seats          $128.72

Third Seat (SW)                 $ 75.81

Hub Caps w/ Trim Rings          $ 30.92

Deluxe Wheel Covers             $ 25.24

Luxury Wheel Covers             $ 17.64

Intermittant Windshield Wipers  $ 25.24

Appearance Group                $ 31.55

  On Wagons                     $ 47.96

Convenience Group (2 Doors)     $ 47.96

                  (4 Doors)     $ 25.24

Instrumentation Group           $ 99.71

Cross Country Ride Package      $ 16.41

Visibility Group                $ 25.24

POLICE PACKAGE:  (NOTE:  Only 27 Montego Police Package Vehicles Were

Produced In 1973.)  (I have one of them)

Models Avail:


  Montego MX 2 Door and 4 Doors

Engine size will determine the standard and optional police package features:

OPTION               250-1V 302-2V 351-2V 351CJ  400-2V 429-4V 460PI

Max Cooling Package     S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Coolant Recovery Sys    -     S      S      S      S      S      S

No. 4 Body Mount        S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Park Brake Warn Light   S     S      S      S      S      S      S

70 Amp. Alternator      S     S      S      S      S      S      -

90 Amp. Alternator      O     O      O      O      O      O      S

73 Amp. Hour Battery    S     S      S      S      S      S      S 

Black Rubber Floor Mats S     S      S      S      S      S      S 

(Carpet is standard in the MX)

All Vinyl Interior      S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Heavy Duty Seat:Front   S     S      S      S      S      S      S

                Rear    O     O      O      O      O      O      O

140 Certified Speedo    S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Deluxe Sound Insulation S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Exhaust system:

S= Single  D=Dual       S     S      S      D      S      S      D

3 Speed Manual Trans    -     S      -      -      -      -      -

Automatic Select Shift  S     O      O      O      O      O      O

(From the 351 2V to the 460 PI engine, AT is a required option)

Low Gear Lock Out       O     O      O      O      O      O      O

Rear Axle: (CA State)

  3.25:1                S     -      S      S      S      S      -

  3.25:1 Traction Lock  O     -      O      O      O      O      -

  3.00:1                -     S      -      -      -      -      S

  3.00:1 Traction Lock  -     O      -      -      -      -      O

Rear Axle:  (49 States)

  3.25:1                -     S      S      S      S      S      -

  3.25:1 Traction Lock  -     O      O      O      O      O      -

  3.00:1                S     -      -      -      -      -      S

  3.00:1 Traction Lock  O     -      -      -      -      -      O

10" Power FT Disc Brake S     S      -      -      -      -      -

11" Power FT Disc Brake -     -      S      S      S      S      S

Power Steering          O     O      O      O      O      O      O

(351 2V, 351 CJ, required with AC/400 2V, 429 4V, 460 PI, required option)

Heavy Duty Frame        S     S      S      S      S      S      S

Heavy Duty Suspension   S     S      -      -      -      -      -

Heavy Duty Handling PKG

W/ Sway Bar (rear)      -     -      S      S      S      S      S

TIRES           ORDER CODE      OPTION CODE     

G78 X 15 BSW    N               95D             Bias

G78 X 15 BSW    O               94Z             Police Special

G78 X 15 BSW    Q               94X             Police Special



Bright red      2B                      Black (C/V)     AA/BA/CA/GA

Light Blue      3B                      Black (V)       JA/DA/KA/HA

Medium Blue Met 3D                                      EA/FA

Green Gold Met  4B                      Med Blue (C/V)  AB/BB/CB/GB

Med Green Met   4P                      Med Blue (V)    JB/DB/KB/HB

Dk Green Met    4Q                                      EB/FB

Light Green     4S                      Med Ginger (V)  JF/DF/KF/HF

Pewter Met      5A                                      EF/FF

Med Brown Met   5H                      Med Green (C/V) AR/BR/CR/GR

Tan             5L                      Med Green (V)   JR/DR/KR/HR

Med Copper Met  5M                                      ER/FR

Bright Yellow   6E                      Lt Gray Gold-CV CY/GY

White           9A                      Dk Tobacco (C/V)CZ/GZ


Blue Glam Met   3K                      White/Blue (V)  DL/HL/EL/FL

Ivy Glam Met    4C                      White/Tobacco-V D9/H9/E9/F9

Gold Glam Met   6F                      White/Green (V) D5/H5/E5/F5

Interesting Notes:

3.2% were equipped with bucket seats

63.4% were equipped with vinyl roofs

97% were equipped with a radio

99.2% were equipped with a V8 engine


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