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1972 Montego


The 1972 Montego was a completely new body over the 1971.  The Interior went

through a total redesign and the exterior sheet metal was totally different.

Most notable in the 1972 was the huge rear bumper that included long strip

taillights.  The wheelbase for 4 doors was 118", overall length was 213",

for 2 doors, wheelbase was 114", overall was 209", SW's were 118" wheelbase

with overall 216".  These are the same for 1973.  Here are the models

available for 1972:


53B--4 door sedan, 6P        $2843           Production:  8658

65B--2 door HT coupe, 6P     $2848           Production:  9963

MONTEGO MX:  The Montego MX featured over the base Montego Dual upper body

pinstripes, chrome rocker panel moldings, standard carpeting, deluxe sound

insulation, and a three-way tailgate on the wagon.

53D--4 door sedan, 6P        $2951           Production:  23387

65D--2 door HT coupe, 6P     $2971           Production:  25802

71D--4 door 6P wagon         $3264           Production:  6268

MONTEGO MX BROUGHAM:  The Brougham offered chrome trim panels on the rear

quarter panels, deluxe wheel covers, "flight bench" seat with center

armrest, and wood grain inserts in the steering wheel.

53K--4 door sedan, 6P        $3127           Production:  17540

65K--2 door HT coupe, 6P     $3137           Production:  28417

71K--4 door 6P wagon         $3438           Production:  9237

MONTEGO GT:  The GT had dual hood scoops, dual racing mirrors, louvers

behind the rear doors, black finished instrument panel, and the gauge package.

63R--2 door Fastback, 6P     $3346           Production:  5820


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