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1971 Torino


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Engineering and product features which provide maximum power and versatility for ease of handling and driving as well as maximum economy of operation and maintenance headline Torino's performance for 1971. There is a choice of six engines, three transmissions and five rear axle ratios plus an optional "Traction-Lok" differential-available in combinations to suit virtually all driving requirements.


The outstanding 250-c.i.d., six-cylinder engine is the standard power plant for all Torinos except the Brougham, GT, Cobra and Squire models.

The 250-c.i.d. six-cylinder engine is engineered with emission control features as part of its basic design. The engine is exceptionally lightweight and efficient.

The "rugged" 302-c.i.d. engine is the base Torino V-8 engine and is standard in the GT, Brougham and Squire models. The 351-c.i.d. V-8 is also available as an option in either a two-barrel or the four-barrel version on all other Torinos except the Cobra. (The 351-c.i.d. 4v is standard on Cobra.)

For the performance enthusiast, Torino offers the race bred 429 CJ (Non-Ram-Air) or 429 CJ-R (Ram Air) engines. These engines are available on all Torino models.


Ford's proven three-speed manual transmission is standard on all Torino models except the Cobra and 351-2v equipped units. The fully-synchronized, constant-mesh design of this transmission means dependable performance and easy shifting.

Optional transmissions include:

The popular SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission which offers a choice of manual shifting or completely automatic operation. The Cruise-O-Matic can be up-shifted or down-shifted at various speeds for excellent driver control under adverse road or weather conditions.

The four-speed manual transmission with a "Hurst Shifter�" provides "take-off and go" qualities unsurpassed in the industry. Synchronized in all forward gears, this transmission is well-suited to the performance-minded driver and is standard with the Cobra.


Torino's 117-inch wheelbase, wide, 60-inch track and proven road-hugging suspension are designed to give a remarkable degree of riding comfort and command in handling, while maintaining a turning diameter (42.5 feet) and maneuverability that supports Torino's reputation as an all-out performance machine.


Bumper Guards, Front and Rear (Front bumper guards only on station wagons.)

Console (Available only with high back bucket seats on Torino 500 2-door hardtops, Torino GT, and Cobra models.)

Door Edge Guards

Floor Mats

Headlamps, Hideaway (Available only on Torino 500, Torino Brougham and Squire, and Torino GT models.)

Laser Stripe (Available only on Torino 500 2-door hardtop SportsRoof, Torino GT, and Cobra models.)

Moulding with Black Vinyl Insert Body Side (N/A on Torino Squire or with Laser Stripe.)

Roof, Vinyl (Available only on 4-door sedans and hardtops and 2-door formal roof hardtops.)

Sport Slats-Rear window louvers (Available only on SportsRoof models; offered only in combination with color-keyed dual racing mirrors which are optional at extra cost.)

Trim, Knitted Vinyl Bench Seat (Available only on Torino 500, Torino GT SportsRoof, and Torino Squire Station Wagon.)

Trim, Plaid Seat (Available only in Black Watch (Black) or Rob Roy (Red) on Torino 500 and Torino Squire station wagons. Third rear facing seat option will be color-keyed vinyl when ordered in com. with plaid trim.)

Trim, Pleated Vinyl Seat (Available only on Torino 500 models.)

Trim Rings/Hub Caps (Available only with wide oval tires; N/A on station wagons.)

Wheels, Argent Styled Steel (Available only with wide oval tires, except F60 x 15; N/A on station wagons.)

Wheel covers (N/A on Torino GT models; Requires 14" wheels.)

Wheel Covers, Deluxe (Require 14" wheels)

Wheel Covers, Sporty (Available only with wide oval tires; N/A on station wagons.)

Wheels, Magnum 500 Chrome; (N/A on Wagons: w/6 cyl. engines; 429 engines with A/C; 429 engines w/o A/C on GT SportsRoof, Convertible, Torino 500 SportsRoof or Brougham 4-Door Hardtop model. Require F60 x 15 tires at extra cost).



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