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1970 Torino


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Engineering and product features which provide maximum power and versatility for ease of handling and driving as well as maximum economy of operation and maintenance headline Torino's performance for 1970. There is a choice of seven engines, three transmissions and seven rear axle ratios plus an optional "Traction-Lok" and Detroit Automotive "No-Spin" differential-available in combinations, to suit virtually all driving requirements.


The outstanding 250-c.i.d. six-cylinder engine is the standard power plant for all Torinos except the Brougham, GT, Cobra and Squire models. In offering a maximum choice in total equipment, however, other engines are included in the Torino option lineup. The 250-c.i.d. six-cylinder engine is designed to develop  nearly 35% greater, horsepower than the 200-c.i.d. six . . . at the same time is almost as economical in fuel consumption.

The "rugged" 302-c.i.d. engine is carried as the base V-8 engine and is standard in the GT, Brougham and Squire models. The 351-c.i.d. V-8 is also available as an option in either the two-barrel or the all-new four-barrel versions on all other Torinos except the Cobra. The 429-c.i.d. 4v V-8 engine is standard in the Cobra. And for the performance car package, Torino offers the race-bred 429 Cobra (Non-Ram-Air) or 429 Cobra Jet (Ram-Air) version on all Torino models except station wagons.


Ford's proven three-speed manual transmission is standard for all Torino models except the Cobra. The fully synchronized, constant-mesh design means dependable performance and easy shifting.

Optional transmissions include:

The popular SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission which offers a choice of manual shifting or completely automatic operation. The Cruise-O-Matic can be up-shifted or down-shifted at various speeds for excellent driver control in adverse road or weather conditions.

The four-speed manual transmission with a "Hurst Shifter" provides "take-off and go" qualities unsurpassed in the industry. Synchronized in all forward gears, this transmission is well-suited to the performance-minded or the competitive driver and is standard with the Cobra. It provides fast, positive shifting with constant-mesh gears.  


Torino's 117-inch wheelbase and wide, 60-inch track and proven road-hugging suspension are designed to give you a remarkable degree of riding comfort and command in handling, while maintaining a turning diameter (42.5 feet) and maneuverability that proves Torino's reputation as an all-out performance machine.

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Some Interesting Facts

bulletIn 1970, the Torino was Motor Trends Car of the Year:
"Not really a car line in the old sense, but a system of specialty cars, each for a different use ... from luxury to performance."
bulletThe Torinos in 1970 could be ordered with just about any engine from the 6 cylinder to the massive 429 cu. in. Super Cobra Jet.
bulletThe Fairlane (fading at this time) was the same body, but offered with few options as the 'El Cheapo' alternative.
bulletThe Torino came with a V8 as standard equipment (although a 6 cyl could be special ordered)

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Some Torinos offered in 1970

bulletFalcon - Which was pulled mid-year in 1970.
bulletFairlane - Occupied the bottom slot in the line-up.
bulletTorino - The standard line.
bulletTorino Brougham - For luxury minded people - many nice options available - A/C, power everything, etc.
bulletTorino GT - For 'flash' and performance, this was the one. Available with items like big motors, 'laser stripe' trim, etc.
bulletTorino Cobra - Available only in fastback (SportsRoof), for the maximum of performance.

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The 1970 1/2 Falcon
In the beginning of 1970 ford offered the lower-priced falcon "1969 model" until March of 1970. At the end of March of 1970, Ford offered the 1970.5 Falcon which was the Torino hardtop body. This car had a door post and frame around the door windows. Torinos only offered hardtop and GT model for two-door models. This was the model that came standard with a six cylinder; however, all other engines were options for this model.



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