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The Ford Elite was a "Thunderbird" version of the Torino (in Ford's words) that was intended to appeal to the mid size car customer seeking the Thunderbird luxury at a slightly more affordable price. The Elite and the Torino are basically the same car - 95% of all parts interchange, with the exception being the sheet metal since it has a different body line (except the trunk lid). 

The Elite started out in 1974 as a subset model of the Torino. Although in advertising it stood out from the rest of the Torino line, it was still considered a Torino - hence why a title or registration would state "Gran Torino" and the side emblem scripting said "Gran Torino Elite" The Elite made a debut on it's own in 1975-1976. It was a separate car line and sold very, very well. Elites came with many items standard that only the Gran Torino Brougham's and other top Torinos came with optionally. High-level interior, GT instrument cluster, A/C, and power everything were all items found on most Elites. 

For Elite codes, prices and options please see the applicable 1974-1976 Ford Torino page. For Elite pictures, please click the tab below.


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