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1973 Torino


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1973 Torinos were unchanged from the 1972 models, with the exception of a revised grille. The opening was more rectangular than the 1972 version and blended well with the large front bumper. The remainder of the car was identical to the 1972 model. Improvements included larger standard rear brakes, an interior hood release and optional spare tire lock.

The 1973 Torino and Gran Torino models were very slightly modified from 1972 specifications. The Torino models were the base trim level and lectured chrome windshield, rear window and rain gutter moldings; high back bench seats; all-vinyl seat and door trim; floor mats; hubcaps; 250 cid six-cylinder engine; and three-speed manual transmission. The Torino station wagon also included power front disc brakes and three-way tailgate. The Gran Torino was the top trim level for 1973 and included all the Torino trim, plus manual front disc brakes; cloth and vinyl trim on seats and interior door panels; carpeting; lower body side, wheel well and deck lid moldings; dual-note horn; trunk mat; Deluxe two-spoke steering wheel; and chrome trim on the loot pedals. The Gran Torino Squire wagon also included the 138 hp 302 cid V-8 engine; Deluxe pleated vinyl interior trim; wheel covers; and wood grain appliqués on the body sides, tailgate and instrument panel. The Gran Torino Sport was the sports version of the Gran Torino line and included all the Gran Torino features, plus the 138 hp 302 cid V-8 engine; pleated, all-vinyl trim; hood scoops; color-keyed dual racing mirrors; and a unique grille.

TORINO AND GRAN TORINO SERIES I.D. NUMBERS - The Torino and Gran Torino models began with the number '3,' followed by the assembly plant code, body type code, engine designation code and, finally, the unit's production number, according to the final assembly location. Each plant began at 100001 and went up.

Body/Style	Body Type		Factory	Shipping	Production
Number		& Seating		Price	Weight	Total
53B		4-drSed-6P		2701/2796	3597/3683	 37,524
65B		2-dr HT Cpe-6P		2732/2826	3528/3615	 28,005
71B		4-dr Sta Wag-6P	   	3198 	    	4073	 	23,982	
53D		4-drSed-613		2890/2984	3632/3719	 98,404
65D		2-dr HT Cpe-6P		2921/3015	3570/3656	138,962
71D		4-drSta Wag-613	    	3344	    	4096 	 	60,738	
71K		4-drSquire-6P	    	3559	    	4124	 	40,023	
63R		2-dr Spt FsBk Cps 	    	3154	    	3670	 	51,853
65R		2-dr Spt HT Cps	    	3154	    	3652	 	17,090
53K		4-drSed-6P		3051/3140 	3632/3719	    NA
65K		2-dr HT Cpe-6P		3071/3160 	3590/3656	    NA

PRODUCTION NOTE: Total series output was 496,581 units. Separate breakouts were not available far Gran Torino Broughams. Styles 538, 53D and 53K were called four-door pillared sedans. Styles 63R and 65R were 6-passenger (6P) models.

NOTE 2: Prices and weights above slash are for sixes/below slash for V-8s.

All 1973 Torinos had new front end styling with an energy absorbing bumper system that met current Federal requirements. Also, there were new standard low back seats with low profile head restraints for better visibility. But, most important there is the handling and comfort of Torino's LTD-like quiet ride that will continue to make it the most successful mid-size car in the country. Torino's comfortable, quiet ride was engineered by successfully combining the strong five-X-member steel frame with the "stabl" suspension system, locating rubber body mounts between the frame and the body in strategic locations to absorb vibration and the installation of a generous insulation package.

Torino offered a wide variety of models to meet the needs of any intermediate size car buyer including the new Gran Torino Brougham two-door and four-door models. Almost every purchase motivation, whether it is styling, price, utility, luxury or performance, could be satisfied by one of Torino's eleven models in four series, Torino, Gran Torino, Gran Torino Brougham and Gran Torino Sport.

Torino was the only intermediate size car which offered a choice of true two-door hardtop styling or SportsRoof styling in a market where two-door hardtops accounted for approximately fifty-five percent of total sales. The formal roof hardtop was available in the Torino, Gran Torino. Gran Torino Sport, and Gran Torino Brougham series. The SportsRoof hardtop was available in the Gran Torino Sport series. Torino four-door models featured the stylish and popular pillared hardtop design and were available in the Torino, Gran Torino, and the new Gran Torino Brougham series.

Torino wagons were available in three models, Torino, Gran Torino, and Gran Torino Squire. Torino wagon standard features such included the three way magic tailgate, 302-V8 engine and power disc brakes in combination with its exceptional ride and handling characteristics, and rear load space, wide enough to accommodate a 4 x 8 sheet of paneling.



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